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A new color combination can add innovation to a seemingly dull wardrobe and can completely transform a look from winter to spring, spring to summer, and so on.Color theory is relevant to several aspects of style besides clothing as well.One of the key steps in creating this type of place is choosing the right color scheme for the kitchen.For first time do it yourselfers, figuring out what colors to paint a kitchen can be a intimidating task.Even if you're not in an open floor plan, an all-white environment can still have that "sterile" vibe.A 2012 study that focused on the effects of color in hospital settings found that a white color scheme was strongly associated with a "clinical appearance" that seemed intimidating. "This largely depends on the demographic involved, but in general, people are gravitating towards a more calming environment.John, more concerned with interior carpentry than exterior color, was indifferent about the options."He expressed an interest in green, and when I said no, he changed his tune to 'whatever you want,'" says Sally, who wanted a scheme that felt "fresh and exciting." Shown: The house was painted a light gray when John and Sally bought it.

Saturation, not to be confused with any of the previously mentioned elements, refers to the intensity/vividness of the color. These colors can not be formed by mixing other colors together, but can be combined in 100 ways to make every color imaginable.Choosing exterior colors for your house can be daunting.Choosing them for a 125-year-old home that's smack-dab in the middle of a community obsessed with historically accurate color schemes can be downright intimidating.To be great at anything, you first have to know the rules so you may test them and break them, if you so choose to, and the principals of the color wheel are no exception to this.The color wheel holds a lot of information and, quite frankly, more than I’m willing to discuss within the limits of this blog post. Tint = hue white, tone = hue grey, shade = hue black.

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That's what John Stone and Sally Peterson, owners of the latest TV project house, found out when selecting colors for their clapboard-and-shingle 1887 Queen Anne, in the Avon Hill neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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