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He studiously avoided being typecast in similar roles after the Oscar-winning film, taking on passion projects such as that will bow on Cinemax in the U. “There were two directions to go in, and one was to embrace the void and live that darkness and let it sort of bleed into my personal relationships — which it certainly did for a period of time — but really the person that he was to me and to all of my friends, we came out of that loss almost obnoxiously brighter than we went into it.” “If you would have asked me three or four years ago, ‘Your friend is going to pass away, how do you feel about that?

’ I would have said I’m going to f—ing drink myself to death because it’s f—ing bullshit, but it had the most opposite and fundamentally life-changing effect on me,” he said.

However; his ethnicity background is not known yet.about the lasting impression of his big breakout role over a decade ago.If his résumé seems sporadic since, it’s by design. The show and story are full of Kirkman’s trademark gory flair with a touch of tragedy, but handling the darkness in Kyle’s life is nothing compared to a recent personal tragedy: losing his lifelong best friend in 2012.“If you empathize with him, and he feels bright but has to make dark decisions, it's more interesting.” Fugit says working with Kirkman and showrunner Chris Black is a collaborative and educational experience.“It’s a really rewarding experience,” he said about being able to openly discuss ideas with the team.

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He also had an underneath role in the 2014 movie Gone Girl.

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