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Addicts start to lose interest in making healthy human connections and begin taking on-line risks they wouldn’t have dreamed of taking before, jeopardizing emotional and physical health, important existing relationships, career, and sometimes creating financial and legal crises.Prolonged heightened stimulation through internet sexual activities can alter the neurochemistry of the brain whereby sexual arousal is so intensified that a new sexual “set point” is created.

Skout’s “Meet Me” feature allows users to flip through and see who’s nearby and ready to hook up.

Months later, the New York Times reiterated the point.

“Computer erotica appears to provide many people with a ‘safe’ alternative to real, personal relationships in a world where HIV is deadlier than computer viruses.” This was in a book review. If a partner asked you (while undressed in the bedroom) to pretend to be something you’re not, say a cashier at a grocery store or a famous astronaut, you would:a. Think he or she had totally lost his or her mind, and suggest a visit to the therapist.d.

What teenaged boy would rather sit at his computer playing World of Warcraft than go out joyriding in the family car?

And lately he's stopped doing his homework and spending time with his friends from school.

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The technology of the internet allows for access to an almost unlimited quantity and diversity of images and situations which, over time, can induce a trance-like state in the user.

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