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The 33-year-old is 15-for-29 in his last seven games, and he's also running more, with steals in two consecutive games.

Braun is hitting .292/.368/.541 in 64 games to date.

This is simply to give you an idea of where guys are ranked in relation to other positions.Braun is always nursing multiple injuries and misses a lot of games but is one of the most productive players in the game when he is on the field.Today, is the day in history known as, “Aw, sookie sookie, don’t need the nookie, Grey’s giving me a fantasy baseball cookie.” Or, more succinctly, the top 5 fantasy baseball.He can be ranked 75 spots in front of Norris and it doesn’t matter. In other words, Jose Bautista might be in the early 100s overall, but am I drafting him?That’s why I have the 2017 fantasy baseball rankings broken down by positions. Well, you’d know if you read the top 40 outfielders. Along shortly will be a Fantasy Baseball War Room and a pitchers pairing tool.

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The NFL’s Sunday Night Football schedule has consistently provided premiere NFL games since NBC took over.

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