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Even change out of people's purses," Ms Jennings said."There has been heightened police activity among sex worker establishments ...the likes of which we have not seen for over 20 years."Police have told sex workers they are "cleaning up" the industry ahead of decriminalisation, Ms Jennings told the committee.Species as diverse as Komodo dragons and hammerhead sharks do it asexually if necessary, but some species, like these little lizards, don't have a choice."They can't exchange genetic material, and this loss of genetic exchange is a major disadvantage to them in a changing environment," he says.Sex addiction is a compulsive need to perform sexual acts in order to achieve the kind of “fix” that an alcoholic gets from a drink and an addict gets from a drug.

And the researchers found that these species could maintain the diversity by never pairing their homologous chromosomes (as sexual species do by taking one set of chromosomes from each parent) but rather by combining their sister chromosomes instead.

Ms Jennings also told the parliamentary committee international students working in the sex industry had been losing their visas and being deported as a result of the police crackdown."There has been a lot of activity amongst Asian brothels and that has resulted in a lot of students losing their student visas as well, and having to be sent home," Ms Jennings said.

She also accused police of telling sex workers that the organisation she manages, SIN, had tipped police off about the location of sex work establishments, which she denied."Off course, that is very damaging to our harm reduction work among sex workers, because they are not going to engage with us if they feel we are passing that information on," she said.

South Australia is one step closer to decriminalising sex work, with a bill passing the Legislative Council overnight.

Debate on the bill stretched late into the night, with Labor MP Tung Ngo introducing eight amendments at the eleventh hour.

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