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Edit: Nevermind; I found the direction I needed to go in. To my deficit I can't apply this philosophy as much as would ease the weights in my life.It was like pulling teeth, but I think I get it and I have a lot to work on. As to how I learned from them, usual modus operandi - observation and mimicry. Whenever there was a problem we just couldn't talk about it. Yet, she did help me develop my weaker functions more than I'd ever have been able to.The primary traits for this Myers-Briggs personality are: extraverted, sensing, feeling, and perceiving.These individuals account for just under eight percent of the population.When arguing, be aware that your brains act differently, and try to empathize with each other.

Isabel Myers (INFP) married a man named Chief, an ISTJ and a good man.Unfortunately, I haven’t met any INTP IRL, but I can see why your relationship is rough sometimes.But if you’ve already fall in love with each other, I think THAT is the great step, the rest is a matter of communication, understanding, empathy, and effort.But still, this type (along with ISTJ) seems like the one I've been having the most difficulty communicating with. I've never had to endure one as a permanent fixture of my life. (Not to become the same, but to apply their 'way' to my circumstances; my actions. Here I was with my great need to question everything and I think it scared her greatly.What are some experiences you've had with these two types of people? With ESFPs, I get along very well, generally, if the ESFP in question is a respectable person (this goes with most people of specific types). I have learned some of life's most profound lessons from this type, one of which is just how ephemeral everything is, and how futile the effort to hold and keep a thing (whether material, experiential or temporal). To do things that felt entirely terrifying and live through them and feel transformed through them. She was a Sunday school teacher, and lived life contradictory to her beliefs.

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(Note that this was the Rational rating for the pairing; Idealists rated the pairing at 64%). Guardians with a Rational spouse tended to have a 62% satisfaction rate, whereas Rationals with a Guardian spouse reported a 52% satisfaction rate. But satisfaction between the temperaments was not equal.

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