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They may find a role or two that they don't have to hide from their parents, but typically they never escape from the porn star stigma. It's a known fact that you've gotta pay your dues, unless you have an "in" with a relative, family friend or college connection. Some people take jobs as strippers or "escorts." Others (Cameron Diaz. ) even take jobs in the "adult film industry" aka "doing PORN". The majority of porn actors who try to break out of porn never really succeed.But most of the plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is rotten. I will go to other states.’Jackie blames the health scare on a devastating past year in which Sage died of a heart attack at just 36 and her daughter Toni-Ann passed away from lung cancer.

Here are 22 other sequels, some of which are decent movies, that were completely unnecessary, nonetheless. (Of course, they hid that part of their career for as long as possible.)Just keep in mind that these guys are exceptions to the rule, so don't get too much hope for a future in film if you're currently doing the dirty on camera. However, there are some people who managed to become mainstream stars. She was already famous in the porn industry and continues to kill it in mainstream media with her acting, modeling, and music careers. Here are 18 celebrity porn stars, well, actors who did porn who later became big celebs: Begin slideshow Unlike most celebrities who try to keep their porn past under wraps, “The Girlfriend Experience” actress Sasha Grey flaunts it with no shame.

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