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If you can, try to get a refund, but it can be already too late.This number I see on the Advan Date site (1-843-732-4944) is a Skype number. It's not Advan Date that is the scam, it's Rick Jacobson that is the Scam. If you are associated with him now, try to get away from him asap. I say this based on my own and others personal experience.Ask any of his former business associates about him and they will all give you the same answer. I have nothing to gain from it, just trying to protect others from having to deal with him like I did.I'm seriously unhappy that I decided to go ahead and purchase Advan Date EVEN AFTER reading all these terrible ratings.I am not one to be deterred by random disgruntled customer/black pr...thought since the "pre-sale" customer service was so good that I'd go ahead and buy it.

Make your dating site stand out with one of the unique dating templates. Remove text and images to fit your dating site idea.Dating Ad Network What other dating software providers don't provide is a ad network specially designed for the dating community.Each package includes dollars in free advertising credit in our dating ad network. Got a problem then let us know and we'll resolve it. Free Support With each package there comes free support.

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