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Originals of the Bantock correspondence were originally purchased by Mc Master University in Canada and copies were kindly made available to the Brian Archive.Likewise, the Newman correspondence originals are housed in the National Archive of the British Library. Brian seems to have retained very little of the correspondence he received, but a few special items are preserved, including letters from Vaughan Williams, Sir Henry Wood and Richard Strauss (to whom the was dedicated).

What their comprehensive survey revealed suggests that the conventional wisdom about women’s careers doesn’t always square with reality.

With the price of flour expected to rise after the UK makes its exit from the EU, the cost of the Iceberger biscuit is too much for HB to cover.

Another reason is the rise of lactose- and gluten-free diets - an enemy of the popular ice cream sandwich.

The remainder of the ever-burgeoning collection includes books, newspaper and journal articles, photographs, scores, recordings and the archive of the Havergal Brian Society itself.

For a ‘neglected’ composer, the Brian literature is extraordinarily rich: nine monographs, two edited volumes and three volumes containing substantial chapters on the composer, not to mention hundreds of articles and reviews.

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