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Brie said, “I have two beauty marks on my chest, and our faces are shaped differently.We joke that I have more of a banana head, and Nikki has an apple head. I love celebrating my Mexican-Italian heritage, and a flower makes me feel Spanish…and pretty!Alice returns to where the nightmare began: The Hive in Raccoon City, where the Umbrella Corporation is gathering its forces for a final strike against the only remaining survivors of the apocalypse.In August 2008, WWE saw the debut of a delectable Diva who quickly made a name for herself, thanks to her moves on her way to the ring and dizzying ones in it.Brie Larson made a point of dressing modestly when she appeared on Lorraine on Thursday morning alongside Samuel L Jackson to talk about Kong: Skull Island.The Captain Marvel star, 27, wore a blue lace high-neck dress, just a day after her racy low-cut outfit drove Twitter wild when she appeared on pre-watershed programme The One Show.For actors, Brad Pitt’s shocking divorce from Angelina Jolie helped propel him to the No.

Appearing alongside her co-stars Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L Jackson, Brie sat between the pair of actors in an olive ensemble, which left very little to the imagination where her cleavage was concerned.While she had some leg on show, her cleavage was covered up following the olive green low-cut number which had everyone talking.Samuel said: 'She [Brie] was travelling way more than we were because that was her season of collecting hardware worldwide [during film awards season 2016].'So we would go some place and we would go, "where’s Brie?She has the bigger booty, too, which she’s proud of.” Nikki added, “Oh, heck yeah! ” Another way to tell the identical twins apart is by a tattoo. Meghan Markle may have just recently made headlines when news broke in October that she was dating Prince Harry, but that didn’t stop the Suits star from quickly being crowned Google’s most-searched actress in 2016.

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