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Endlessly blinking displays that show us the time are chasing us through our daily routine. Doesn’t in this high-speed society a wall or table clock seem like a needless relict from a long time ago?But maybe we gain time by pausing for a moment and withdrawing from the time pressure of the presence.

I want to encourage people who may have an interest in repairing their own anniversary clocks, or who may be thinking about a career in clock repair.It is best to E-Mail Me me to set up an appointment if you are making a special trip to see me.TIME STEPS Some centuries ago, our ancestors went to bed with the last rays of sunlight and got up at cock-crow in the early morning.Here are the suspension spring thicknesses for Schatz 400 day and 1000 day clocks: to determine the proper spring thickness.Note: measuring the old spring’s thickness is not a reliable method, as the spring may not be a Horolovar brand spring.

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