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'You know, before 2014 if you were born with congenital heart disease like my son was, there was a good chance you'd never be able to get health insurance because you had a pre-existing condition.''And if your parents didn't have medical insurance,' he claimed, 'you might not live long enough to even get denied because of a pre-existing condition.'Former President Barack Obama (left) sent a tweet on Tuesday linking support for his endangered Affordable Care Act law with a heart-rending story from Jimmy Kimmel (right) about his newborn son's emergency heart surgery But coverage guarantees for Americans with pre-existing conditions isn't on the chopping block; Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump (pictured) are pledging to keep that plank of Obamacare when they scrap the rest of the law this year The Affordable Care Act, the 2010 law that launched the Obamacare system, made it illegal for medical insurance companies to deny coverage to Americans on the basis of diseases or medical conditions that pre-dated their applications.

Congressional Republicans are trying to repeal and replace the law, but President Donald Trump said on Saturday that the 'pre-existing condition' coverage clause is one he's insisting on keeping – along with legislative language that guarantees young people can remain covered by their parents' policies until they are 26 years old.'Pre-existing conditions are in the bill,' Trump said in a CBS News interview that aired Sunday morning. I said, "Has to be".'Obama, though, promoted KImmel's heart-rending story differently, tweeting that the heart-surgery story is 'exactly why we fought so hard for the ACA, and why we need to protect it for kids like Billy.'And Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic secretary of state who failed in her bid to replace Obama, piled on the politics as well.'Thanks @jimmykimmel for sharing your story & reminding us what's at stake w/health care,' Clinton tweeted.

And of course, it's all hosted by Tony Award winner James Corden.

Bob Odenkirk, a former SNL writer, explained, "I could see how it wouldn't work at SNL because she's got her own voice, she's very much Sarah Silverman all the time.Silverman was a writer and occasional performer on Saturday Night Live, and starred in and produced The Sarah Silverman Program, which ran from 2007 to 2010 on Comedy Central, for which she was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.She released an autobiography The Bedwetter in 2010. P., and starred in films, including Who's the Caboose?'I spent most of my childhood in front of a TV set, obsessively watching comedies from great producers like Norman Lear, Jim Burrows, James L.Brooks and Garry Marshall,' Jimmy said in a statement.

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She can play a character but she doesn't disappear into the character—she makes the character her." She said that when she was fired it hurt her confidence for a year, but after that nothing could hurt her and that she attributes her time to SNL as being a key reason why she has been so tough in her career.

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