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Shawn Bishop, a physicist at the Technical University of Munich in Germany, reported preliminary findings on 14 April at a meeting of the American Physical Society in Denver, Colorado.

In 2004, scientists reported finding the isotope iron-60, which does not form on Earth, in a piece of sea floor from the Pacific Ocean.

Then, on March 12, an Illinois golfer fell through a sinkhole — possibly associated with an abandoned mine — on the 14th hole.

Mark Mihal, 43, survived an 18-foot fall with just a sore shoulder, after his golfing companions fished him out with a rope.

On Sunday evening, I was traveling home on a packed train with my bike.

The phylogenetic relationships point to an early regional clustering among populations and species, indicating that allopatric speciation with respect to macrohabitat (i.e., climatic conditions) may have had a role in the initial differentiation within the group.

They calculated how long ago this radioactive isotope had arrived by using the rate at which it decays over time.

The culprit, they concluded, was a supernova in the cosmic neighbourhood.

A later, more rapid radiation involved divergence with respect to microhabitat (i.e., soil preference).

Several sister species in the group show a parallel divergence in edaphic preference.

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