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The unpredictability of symptoms, special diet needs, and concerns about the need for quick access to a bathroom may all seem like too much to ask a potential love interest to deal with. Yes, online dating has its drawbacks and risks, but it is a great way to make an initial contact with a person without having to leave the comforts of home.Sadly, those with IBS are at risk for social isolation when they feel they have no choice but to play it safe and stay close to home. Through reading profiles and online messaging you can get a sense of the personalities of any potential dating prospects.It can be quite helpful to make a list of the qualities you are looking for in a potential mate.In particular, you will want to see if this person is kind, supportive and patient—all qualities they will need to have so that you can be comfortable sharing your IBS experience with them.You can use this information to decide if you think the person will be supportive and understanding of your digestive symptoms.Whether you meet someone online or out in the real world, you want to be assessing their personality.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Has anyone had a hard time meeting someone, or maintaining a relationship because of IBS?

AND if you are so compassionate that you are happy to carry a selfish person's baggage, then people like you are why compassionate people like me get dumped on by surprise since selfish twits got the last selfless twit to carry their schtuff, they think everyone should. I don't think expecting, or hoping for people to be compassionate is unreasonable either.

We should be more compassionate of each other, not vie more disdain or more apathy.

It is important not to carry other people's baggage, but to help if the real opportunity arises, and not to look for baggage in situations or to impose.

But as a compassionate person, who are you calling a twit?

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