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For millennia, Jewish men and women have treated gentile women like the half-bird, half-women Sirens of Greek mythology: beautiful, seductive creatures that have the power to draw the ship of community onto the rocks of assimilation.

Boy, have we got shiksa, non-Jewish woman, problems.

I stopped joking about my wife's toes when I found out that the word "shiksa" is a Yiddish term of disgust derived from the biblical Hebrew word shakaytz, meaning "to abominate an unclean thing." The female form is infinitely more common than its masculine form, "shaygets," but this lopsidedness only adds to this unpleasant reminder of sexism.

Christine Benvenuto, a journalist living in Amherst, Mass., claims that the term is still in full, vitriolic use.

It's even used in Israel like Americans would use curse words to refer to women. Nine times out of ten, they don't know the origins, and they will be better people because you've told them.

You'll prevent them from hurting someone's feelings later.

Not only is she no longer "not Jewish" (so it's not even true), but calling her (or you) that word is a violation of the mitzvah of loving the convert and all the other mitzvot related to respecting converts. Coming from the South, I'm familiar with the efforts of the African-American community to reclaim the N word, but this reclamation would be analogous (in my mind) to reclaiming "porch monkey" or some other irredeemably offensive term. [To be clear, I'm comparing the efforts to reclaim a negative word, not implying that shiksa reaches the negativity level of either of those terms.

Unless they’re Hasidim, in which case, they’ll consider their son dead and your troubles will be over.

My boyfriend really wants to have sex in a public place, but I’m nervous.

Because by any measure, it doesn't.] And if I weren't so personally offended by the term, I would laugh at the people who try to reclaim it because it would be funny to see someone do something so pointless.

The male equivalent to shiksa is "shegetz," but it isn't commonly used.

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