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Note: Candidates with transitory or temporary conditions that are not impairments or disabilities, such as pregnancy, sprains and fractures, are not eligible for testing accommodations under the ADA.

If you are in need of an accommodation, you should contact FINRA for information about an arrangement that can handled on a case-by-case basis.

The Accomodated Centre offers registered students access to the assistive technology needed to achieve success in their academic program.

A consultation with our Assistive Technologist is available to determine technologies best suited to the learning needs of the student.

The Accommodated Learning Centre at the University of Lethbridge is a great place to start if you need to help a student with special accommodations.

The Accommodated Learning Centre can provide help in a number of areas.

Guidelines to Help our Nursery Handle Food Allergies Food allergies are common in young children.Many of you have heard the terms “modifications” and “accommodations.” These are two big buzz words used in special education and are often used interchangeably.However, these two terms do NOT mean the same thing and have very important implications for your child’s learning. Before I begin explaining, I would like to stress the fact that accommodations and modifications are fluid with each other.I often deliver this analogy that I have heard used so often: If a child has a visual impairment, would we deny him glasses to help his vision?Glasses or contacts are an accommodation used by many people.

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