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has known about the issues for years but it still generates traffic for them, which is better than no traffic, and also it still does have good answers to some basic questions that made it through the system over time.That alone give FAIL - a meme so classic, it even got its own blog.Also, if there's one thing we can all take away from these harrowing little tales, it's that it's worthwhile to change those locks during a breakup. Ok Cupid never fails to keep things outside the borders of reasonable expectations.

According to Redditor Ate My Wheaties, his friend bailed on his own birthday trip because his fiancée wouldn't let him go.This girl added insult to cancer-injury by demanding that the guy she broke up with (JUST because he had cancer, mind you) still give her the ,000 tickets to the big game. These women laid it all out there and weren't at all shy on their Tinder profiles.That does put a damper on one of the most popular activities of the college spring break season.Those in favor of the ban argue that the money brought in by spring breakers does not outweight the the overall negative impact of the month of drunken chaos that comes with them.

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