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You have to find at least one person (but preferably two) to watch the babies.When you drop off the babies, there’s a whole list of things that you have to drop off with them (like cribs, blankets, bottles, etc.). If you are going to go for a first date, you might be wondering what are the dos and don't on your date.I came across this interesting infographic by Bookatable on dinner date etiquette. [Continue reading]STDs, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, can lead to long-term health complications, including sterility, infertility, cancer, and blindness, if left untreated.Just because this girl has a boyfriend, doesn’t mean she is happy or that she …

Still, online dating has become an explosive business.

The fact that most marriages end in divorce court is not good news, but it’s not the end of the world, either….

by Louanne Ward In this day and age, with so many online dating sites and apps available, the choices are endless, so we decide to cover all our bases.

If you’re just trying to find experiences, that’s cool — just be OK with saying that directly and be mindful that your partners aren’t getting the wrong impression.

Failure to align goals and behavior is the biggest obstacle to people finding what they want, and a huge reason for unnecessary heartache. If you walk into the bar and everyone shouts your name, you’re either Norm from “Cheers,” or you’re raising questions in your date’s mind about whether or not your liver may be pickled.

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