Hookup with oldman

Make plans for the night and convince another ex-banker to hit the bottle with me.

Everyone used to work hard, play hard, but the ones still employed are too afraid of getting sacked to have latenights.

I think I brought someone home though not really sure because he’s not there in the morning.

A 90-year-old man in South Los Angeles was taken into custody Tuesday evening after allegedly using a shotgun to kill his wife after a fight, police said.

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The victim and the suspect were the only residents at home at the time of the shooting.

A relative had been at the house earlier in the evening but departed before the incident, investigators said.

8 p.m.: Friend comes over to pregame with my bottles from Trader Joe’s (hey, I’m laid off), and we thank God for unemployment insurance because it pays us to live in our expensive luxury apartments with no income.

Midnight: We head to Greenhouse and there is a line down the block, but I know the door guy; coincidentally, he is also the manager of the café next to the investment bank I used to work for. He promptly lets us in and gets us the first round.

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