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Jump to: Ancient Greece Ancient Rome (includes the Etruscans and ancient Carthage) Roman Britain Ancient Ireland Arthurian Britain Ancient Egypt Biblical Times and Ancient Middle East The history of Ancient Greece stretches into prehistory, as myths and legends hint at what may have happened before the time of written history.

After Hermann Schliemann unearthed magnificent gold artifacts in the 1870s at the Turkish site that he believed to be the location of ancient Troy, based on evidence in Homer's Iliad and Odyssey, scholars gained new respect for the value of Homer's grasp of history.

Gertrude Atherton, The Jealous Gods (1928), about Alcibiades of Athens.

Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad (2005), a literary novel about the experiences of Odysseus' wife, Penelope, while he was away fighting the Trojan War and voyaging home.

After a dip in the pool during which Sepulveda reveals he used to be a male escort in his 20’s (audible gasp), Bass stops by to say ‘hi’.“Welcome to one of my favorite places on earth, legendary Palm Springs,” he said.

Their final activity was painting a rainbow crosswalk together on Arenas Road in front of Hunter’s “to acknowledge the LGBT community here in Palm Springs,” Bass said.

Alexander the Great, the fourth century Macedonian warrior-king who conquered most of the world known to the Greeks of his day, is still recalled in the Middle East and beyond with tales praising him as an ancestor or reviling him as a devil. Gertrude Atherton, The Immortal Marriage (1927), about Aspasia and her relationship with Pericles in ancient Athens.Still, let’s hope a meaningful reaction does actually indicate attraction, rather than other causes of increased heart rate, such as horror or shock.The app is currently available in Europe, and there’s no word yet on when it might start pairing Americans through their fitness monitor readings.Related: 6 Reasons Why Dating Can Be a Nightmare for Some Entrepreneurs That’s when things get interesting. You know, just in case mutual attraction isn't enough.With Fitbit and Android Wear integration, users can sync the app to their fitness devices to measure heart rate when they get that first glimpse of possible lovers. The app’s creator and CEO, Jean Meyer, says the purpose of Once is to provide a "slow dating" option.“Either the dating platforms are too complex, aimed toward an older demographic,” Meyer says, according to , “or they are focused on casual dating and hook ups.”With the addition of heart rate, he says it will be easier to ensure that when someone "likes" another user, it’s meaningful and not wishy-washy.

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