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-abela (abezi) to distribute, to make anoffering to.

(rel) -ikabe-la (ikabezi) to share out: Ba ikabezi -akufa (akufile) v.i.

Few places are less conducive to erotic optimism than the packed waiting room of a public health clinic in Brooklyn. Though she had spent the ensuing months hooking up with various acquaintances, her hopes were set on long-term monogamy.

Sitting on a hard plastic chair under a fluorescent buzz as an employee lectures on proper condom use—a catechism you know by heart yet sometimes fail to heed—you may conclude, as Emily Witt did, that the time has come to change your life. Just before Valentine’s Day, Witt had slept with a friend. A few weeks later, he called to report that he might have chlamydia. “I still envisioned my sexual experience eventually reaching a terminus, like a monorail gliding to a stop at Epcot Center,” Witt writes in “Future Sex” (Farrar, Straus & Giroux), her gutsy first book.

She was raised by liberal boomer parents who came of age in the sixties.

We have lots more single women in North Hollywood, California, join now and start chatting with one of our single girls now!What she caught was worse: a dismal self-accounting of her existential shortcomings.Marriage, for many, signals the start of a new life stage. with nouns of same classes: Malu a mansu, black clouds; those which: Mandu a ni bona (also, mandu e ni bona) the houses which I see.a ! to distribute, to allot, to divide into parts, to share, to dispense: Ba abile nama.

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-akufanga to go on hastening: Ya akufanga, one who is agile.-akula (akuzi) v.t.

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