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Shooting also took place in Stamford and Fairfield, Conn.The offices and laboratories of the primary members of EEB are housed in Osborn Memorial Laboratories (OML), the Environmental Science Center (ESC), and on Yale’s new west campus.A lot of people seem pretty confused about how our relationship works considering the bad blood.

Syracuse (12-2) has won both matchups with Yale (10-5) in the NCAA Tournament, including a 17-8 victory in 1992 and a 7-6 victory in 2013. Below is the list of channel numbers for ESPNU in the Syracuse area: You can also watch online through Watch ESPN or by using the Watch ESPN app for tablets and mobile devices.

US President Bill Clinton (L)and his wife Hillary listen to speakers at a coalition for America's Children event at the White House in Washington, on March 3, 1997.

The Clintons will begin a series of television, radio and newspaper public service annoucements, urging Americans to help improve the lives of children.

Oh, and we also rated each film, on a scale from one to five elm trees (kind of like stars).

Dustin Hoffman’s passion project led to a March 2014 visit to Yale University, where the filming had the Academy Award-winning actor and 150 extras fill into Sprague Hall.

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NEW HAVEN – For the first time ever, Yale played a true night game at the Yale Bowl Friday.

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