Text resizer not validating

In order to make a Rect Transform with a Text component on it fit the text content, add a Content Size Fitter component to the same Game Object which has the Text component.

Then set both the Horizontal Fit and Vertical Fit dropdowns to the Preferred setting.

This will fill the screen edge-to-edge if the image is big enough.

It also can be centered, so I figured this would be good enough.

We already know how to adapt to the size of the user’s window and screen resolution.

Stuart Colville’s Drop Column Layout shows content in four columns and drops the fourth below the third when there is not enough space on the screen.

Using a class name in both the “span” tag and the script below (“zoom Selector” variable in script) will allow you to “zoom” more than one text layer. Example: CKEDITOR.config.extra Plugins = "imageresize"; 4. Config: CKEDITOR.config.image Width = 800; CKEDITOR.config.image Height = 800; ## Documentation // Resize all images in a node: CKEDITOR.plugins.imageresize.resize All( CKEditor Instance, (node) parent container, (integer) max-width, (integer) max-height ); // Resize one image: CKEDITOR.plugins.imageresize.resize( CKEditor Instance, (node) image, (integer) max-width, (integer) max-height ); // Detect browser support: // returns boolean true or false CKEDITOR.plugins.imageresize.support(); The recommended way to install all CKEditor add-ons is to create a custom build by using Online builder. Extract (decompress) the downloaded file into the plugins folder of your CKEditor installation. Enable the plugin by using the extra Plugins configuration setting.When you design for the web, you don’t know what software people will use to experience your site, and you don’t know what capabilities your users (and their software) have.Flexible layouts and resizable type can eliminate a lot of worst-case usability and design scenarios, but it’s still extremely difficult to create page layouts that don’t break even if the user increases the type size by more than a few settings.

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