My computer stuck updating windows

Go back to the Windows 10 Setup window and you should see the process continue. Note: I know the above is an old post but perhaps other people can benefit from this. In here, type services.msc) and stop the Windows Update Service. Go to C:\Windows\Software Distribution and delete all of its contents. thankyou man, but all i did was disableupdate, get windows.update service up, open it, on the left of it should be restart windows.update service, do that whenever it locks up , give it 10 minutes to progress, if not then restart the windows.update service, and same for when it checks for the updates again on the windows 10 update installer, this worked for me , runnning windows 10 fine once again, this will also work for windows 7 updater i hope, hope this helps people.

Now it tries to restore the old version but gets stuck - displaying a black screen with the message 'restoring your previous version of windows' and after a couple of minutes restarts and the same message again...

 An additional update will be downloaded and installed to your Windows 10 computer to fix the endless reboot loop.

To prevent Windows 10 keeps restarting again, make sure all the drivers are correct and compatible with Windows 10.

This will happen 2-3 times until it finally says it failed to update and its reverting back to previous settings. This only has happened since I did the upgrade to Windows 8 which I did online.

My notebook previously had Windows 7 64 bit on it and it worked fine. Updates always happen only after you setup the computer and once you are connected to the internet.

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I have tried playing with the settings in Windows update, but suspect the problem lies in there somewhere... I have tried playing with the settings in Windows update, but suspect the problem lies in there somewhere... Leave the Windows 10 Setup window as is and try this: 1.

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