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Your man may not always share feelings, but his body can do the talking.

For insight into his personality, naughty desires, and more, observe how he snuggles with you on the couch.

MORE: Decipher your man's every move with our Body Language Decoder. "Holding you against a masculine part of his body — his chest — is also his way of letting you know he can protect you." This dependable nurturer loves taking care of his woman, whether he's hanging shelves or propping you up after a work debacle.

In bed, he's likely to take charge as well — he'll favor man-on-top positions like missionary and doggie-style.

All around the world, the act of bringing a gift is a powerful expression of honoring the Temple, the Statue of a Deity, Romantic interest, Goddesses and Priestesses. To bless my Temple space and my heart with a gift shows exemplary honor, and truly warms my heart.

We can make magic in life with the simple things we do.

by Louanne Ward In this day and age, with so many online dating sites and apps available, the choices are endless, so we decide to cover all our bases.On the Internet, there is a lot of advice about where to go to meet people, what to say in conversation, and how and with whom to flirt.Contrary to popular belief, lots of people find love online.There are many dating sites with chat rooms, where you can meet thousands of people and mingle with them. is not just an ordinary online chatting site for singles.It includes some unique features like search by interests, matchmaking quizzes and your personal wingman, who will not only introduce you to the person you like, but also give you useful hints and tips for dating. If you and your sweetheart are on the outs, you may be wondering if the two of you will ever get back together.

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The new version of My Love can be customized with a picture of you and your partner.

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