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Marin County sheriff's spokesman Lt Keith Boyd told reporters that the actor and comedian, who was 63, had hanged himself in his bedroom at his home in Tiburon, in northern California.The Oscar-winner was last seen alive by his wife, Susan Schneider, at home late on Sunday evening.They got married in 1985 and divorced only a few years later. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have a true Hollywood love story. However, 3 years later, he was able to find love once more, in journalist Keely Shaye Smith.They both moved on and had super successful careers. Unfortunately, that marriage also ended in divorce. They met in a way only 2 famous people could, at the Golden Globe Awards (in 2002). The two met in Mexico and there was an instant connection. They are still happily married and have 2 sons together: Paris and Dylan.After his egg-like space vessel landed near Boulder, Colorado, Mork bonded with a pretty Earth woman named Mindy Mc Connell (Pam Dawber).

Throughout history, the public has followed the love lives of celebs, from dating to marriage to children.

Every episode ended with Mork's report to Orson, the unseen being who sent him to Earth, on Mork's latest lesson in Earth culture.

Robin Williams apparently killed himself by hanging, according to a preliminary coroner's report released today.

Ranked as the most popular and favorite series in 2011, “NCIS” inspired the release of 2 spin-off series, namely “NCIS: Los Angeles” with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J, and “NCIS: New Orleans” starring Scott Bakula and Lucas Black.

Over the years, the show has won numerous awards, including ASCAP Awards, ALMA Awards and California on Location Award.

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